Sonja Toft

Attorney (H)

I have more than thirty years of experience in family law and inheritance law. A lot has happened in these areas of law during my years as a lawyer, and I understand how important it is for my clients that their cases are handled with Care. I am dynamic and powerful when required, but will also always seek the best solution by concluding agreements whenever possible.

In 1996, I obtained the right to appear before the Supreme Court, and I can therefore take your case through all courts, the District Court, the High Court and the Supreme Court.

To name but a few of the types of cases that I have on a daily basis and have in-depth knowledge of, these are cases of children, including custody, residence and visitation – of the economy as spouses or cohabitants; prenuptial agreements, division of property, separation/divorce, and succession law issues, as well as advice on the creation of wills and assistance with succession. There is a growing tendency for many family law cases to be brought criminal offences – typically with the children or the former partner/spouse as the aggrieved. I am used to dealing with these situations and also have a number of criminal cases.

In addition to my law degree, I have previously worked in social services, I trained as a teacher and from 1990-1998 I was Chairman of the Association Father in support of children and parents. My broad background and many years of experience as a lawyer, I actively use every day, and I have not lost either interest or interest in every case.

With me, you are always welcome to send me an email or call me so that together we can find out how I can best help you in your situation.