Company law

Company law deals with the regulation of companies, and the rules often seem incalculable to company owners. We offer our clients advice and preparation of companies legal documents, including articles of association and confidentiality agreements, etc.

The law firm Sonja Toft offers legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses in several areas of a company's development.

The Danish Companies Act regulates, among other things, private limited companies and public limited companies, and contains rules on liability, management, board of directors, and various agreements, etc.

Company law also includes other legal rules, including the Law on Commercial Enterprises. In addition, company law and law of obligation principles are also governed by company law.

The law firm Sonja Toft advises within:

  • Choice of form of establishment and formation of company, including holdings
  • Agreements, including Ownership Agreements - Cooperation Agreements - Partnership - Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Foundations — Commercial foundations — Formation — Staff Regulations
  • Board Member


A distinction is made between commercial and non-commercial foundations.

A commercial foundation is required to report financial statements to the Danish Business and Companies Authorities. In the case of non-commercial foundation, the presentation of annual accounts is only required if the foundation has assets above a certain amount.

A foundation must also meet certain requirements. The foundation must have a property of a lasting nature which is irrevocable, it must have one or more specific purposes and the management must be independent of the founder.

The law firm Sonja Toft advises within:

  • Non-Commercial Foundations - Foundation - By-Laws
  • Commercial Foundations - Foundation - By-Laws


The principle of freedom of contract is based on the basis that an agreement is concluded between two parties individually. Against this background, a number of standard contracts have been developed over the years that do not always support individual needs.

In this connection, we take care of our clients' needs so that the agreement secures and supports the unique requirements and needs of our clients.

  • Ownership agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Partnership
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Trade agreements
  • International agreements

Board Member

It is recommended that all companies have a professional board of directors that can contribute to the negotiation of contracts and long-term strategies. With an attorney on the Board of Directors, companies ensure compliance with formal legal requirements – Compliance.

  • Non-commercial Boards of Directors - Foundation - Articles of Association
  • Commercial Boards of Directors - Foundation - Articles of Association

Company establishment

It is essential that the correct form of company and construction are chosen when setting up a business.

  • Company foundation, including ApS and A/S
  • Company Formation, including sole proprietorship and partnerships.