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Privacy policy

In connection with the processing of personal data by The Law Firm Sonja Toft, CVR No. 17 86 44 40 ("The Law Firm"), and your personal data, this privacy policy is forwarded with information on which personal data the law firm has about you, as well as what rights you have in this regard (the "Privacy Policy").

The privacy policy, which complies with EU legislation on personal data protection (GPDR), (the "Personal Data Protection Regulation"), is described in more detail below:


1. Controller:

Law firm Sonja Toft

CVR No 17 86 44 40

35 Amaliegade

1256 London

Phone: 33702000

("Law Firm" or "Data Controller")


The law firm is data controller and this means that we are responsible for the processing of your personal data, including that these are processed in accordance with EU privacy legislation.

If you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy, you can always contact the Law Firm on the contact information above.

2. Information

 The law firm stores and processes the following personal data (the "Information") about you:

(a) CPR no. and copy of passport and driving licence. These are kept for compliance with

anti-money laundering rules.

(b) Name, address, email address, mobile and private phone numbers.

(c) Information received in connection with the handling of your case/provision of advice/a case in which you are listed as a party.

3. Purpose of processing personal data

We only process and store the information for the following purposes:

 (a) Advising and handling your case/the case in which you are a party.

b) Managing your client or working relationship with our office.

(c) Adapting our marketing to you, and/or

(d) Compliance with legal requirements, including compliance with both the legal ethics rules, as well as applicable money laundering rules


4. Data processors

 The law firm does not currently use any data processors.

 To the extent that the Law Firm uses data processors, this will be done in compliance with a data processor agreement that meets applicable requirements.


5. Disclosure

The personal data may be disclosed to:

 (a) The law firm's auditor and bank liaison(s).

(b) Public authorities.

(c) Counterparties, including other law firms.


6. Rights

Your rights under the Personal Data Protection Regulation are as follows:

a) You have the right to be informed about the collection/processing and disclosure of information about yourself for personal data processing purposes.

b) You have the right to access the personal data processed about yourself.

c) You have the right to object to the Law Firm's electronic personal data processing if you believe that personal data have been processed in violation of applicable EU legislation on personal data.

(d) You have the right to demand the correction, deletion or blocking of information that is incorrect or misleading.


7. Deleting information

Personal data and information obtained in connection with a given case will be deleted in the coming month of June (the "Deletion Period") after a period of 5 years after filing the case in question. Archiving is done within 3 months after the case is final invoiced.

Your client and money laundering information, cf. point 2(a)(b) above, will be stored for a period of 5 years from filing the most recent case.

If the case in question concerns a will or a kodicil for a will in which the Law Firm Sonja Toft is inserted as administrator or as a practitioner of an estate, or in other cases where separate consent has been given, the law firm must keep information for an extended period of time, the information is kept until the death of the longest-term survivor, in the alternative for a shorter period in accordance with consent granted.


8. Right of appeal

Complaints about the processing of Personal Data may be made to:

Danish Data Protection Agency

28 Citizen Street

1300 Copenhagen K

Tel: 33 19 32 00

Law firm Sonja Toft

As revised on May 25, 2018


Law firm Sonja Toft

Revised on 25 May 2018