The law firm Sonja Toft provides qualified and attentive advice within Private, Criminal and Commercial/Business Law.

Our attorneys are highly specialized in family law and estate law, which are the areas of expertise the Law Firm Sonja Toft founded itself upon.

We understand what your case means to you and how important it is to address your issue in the best possible way. We know the processes and can carry you through them, while understanding the emotional aspects, which often are overwhelming. At the same time, we always bear in mind whether a mediation/conciliation solution can be found.

The law firm Sonja Toft was established in 1988, and since 2011 has been in a co-operation with Kønig Advokater on Amaliegade in the centre of Copenhagen.

ABOUT US Law Firm Sonja Toft

Over time, we have added Criminal Law as a legal area we often deal with. We experience how important the attorney's involvement is in these type of cases. We understand the importance of the defence counsel closely following the investigative steps of the case, and be critical of the investigative and analytical work, which is why we have high demands for what we require of the police and the public prosecutor's office.

In addition, our office has added new talents in the form of employees who have strong competencies within several national and international areas of Commercial/Business Law. We have special knowledge of American law and EU law, and are legally strong in English. We focus on sustainable economic development when dealing with legal business issues, including compliance in the softer legal areas, such as CSR, Climate/Paris Agreement, and Human Rights.

We have an international outlook and strong international relations, and can therefore assist our clients in legal matters across borders both within private law and commercial/business law.

For us, your case is not just one in line. We prioritize all our cases and make an individual assessment in regard to what can and must be done in your particular situation – and not least what the goal is with our assistance.

You are always welcome to contact our office and have a discussion about how we can help you.