When you marry, you automatically get sharing assets, which means that you have to share your assets if you later separate, divorced or in the event of your death.

It is therefore important to decide whether you want to have complete separation of property in your marriage, which many do not thin about until they realize what it means to have shared assets.

PRENUPTS - When entering into marriage

A prenuptial agreement can regulate separation of property for everything you own and acquire, individual items, including your business, and more.

There is no requirement to enter into the prenuptial agreement before you get married. You can also choose to have a prenuptial agreement made during the marriage.

However, we would always recommend that you get legal advice on whether you need a prenuptial agreement before entering into a marriage and that, as far as possible, also ensure that you have a valid prenuptial agreement in place when marry.

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid, both must sign the prenuptial agreement, and it must be entered into the state personal registry.

The registration fee is DKK 1,750.00.

We advise on the importance of prenuptial agreements and what type of ownership suits you in your particular situation.

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Are you aware that usual pension schemes constitute an exception to the general concept of equal sharing of assets in the event of separation or divorce? Spouses generally keep their own pensions.

If you think it is more fair for your pension plans to be equalized, no matter who saved the most, you need to create a prenuptial agreement that clearly describes this is what you want.

Law firm Sonja Toft. We are committed to your cause.

With a prenuptial agreement, you can also agree that your respective debts should not be deducted from the sharing statute in the event of separation, divorce and death, which is otherwise the case.